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The Dave Graham Late Show LIVE

The Late Show

Live from Keighley to radio stations all over the UK, Israel, USA, Canada and in your ears - Dave's brand of evening radio is LIVE from The Coal Bunker at K-Sound studios.


Euro Chart Show

Euro Chart Show

Dave Graham counts down the top selling songs in Europe each week - now in its 9th year, Euro Chart Show really is "The Chart That Counts"

David is the co-owner of YorkSound Programming and responsible for the output and technical aspects of K-Sound (Keighley Sound Radio). Involved with radio pretty much most of his life from about the age 12, David is happiest when in the studio tweaking the sound quality and making the jingles that help the station flow and sound awesome. An Internet radio pioneer from 1999 (YorkSound and MaxMusic) and creator of Euro Chart Show

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